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  1. Law Enforcement Products

    Law Enforcement Products PRO-GARD
    Pro-gard™ Products LLC, founded in 1968, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative and dependable law enforcement vehicle equipment for Prisoner Transports, Vehicle Storage and Organization Solutions, Electronic Vehicle Protection, Exterior Vehicle Protection and Vehicle Gun Racks. ​Everything you need to equip your fleet to meet the tough demands of the job
  1. Pro-gard™
Prisoner Transport Products
    Pro-gard™ Prisoner Transport Products
    Safety has always been Pro-gard's first concern when developing products for your fleet. When it comes to prisoner transport, they realize there are two key factors to consider, officer safety from the prisoner, and prisoner safety during the transport. Choose from prisoner transport systems, prisoner transport partitions, prisoner transport seats & floor pans, window armor, rear door panels, and cargo barriers
  1. Pro-gard™
Electronic Vehicle Protection Products
Airbag • Safestop®
    Pro-gard™ Electronic Vehicle Protection Products Airbag • Safestop®
    Pro-gard's patented Airbag On/Off Control Switches provide officers the security they need to do their job without the fear of conflicts between the airbag and aftermarket equipment mounted in the front dash area. Safestop® Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems - the vehicle remains running, maintaining functionality of all electronic functions including surveillance equipment, radios, sirens, yet, cannot be put into gear and driven off
  1. Pro-gard™
Exterior Vehicle Protection Products
    Pro-gard™ Exterior Vehicle Protection Products
    Push Bumbers Ballistic Door Panels Skid Plates Rear Window Guards
  1. Pro-gard™
Organization & Storage Products
    Pro-gard™ Organization & Storage Products
    Take advantage of otherwise under-utilized spaces, plus stay organized and in control of your duty gear, and secure your belongings: Cargo Cabinets Weapon/Storage Drawers Trunk & Cargo Area Organizers Seat Organizers Trunk Trays
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  1. Pro-gard™
Gun Racks
    Pro-gard™ Gun Racks
    Choosing the right gun rack for your weapon(s) starts with a customized fit with Pro-gard™ Tri-Lock™ Weapon Mount Partition Mount Gun Racks Self Supporting Gun Racks Roof Mounted Gun Racks Motorcycle Gun Racks Special Purpose Gun Racks