1. Layout Diagram to Weather Guard Van Storage Solution
    WEATHER GUARD® Van Storage Solutions
    WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions are ready to roll with game changing improvements based on years of research and your input. Completely retooled shelving, improved bulkheads, customizable organizational features, and a host of smart new accessories, designed around the common sense idea that tools and equipment belong on the shelf, not the floor. Totally new can storage solutions. For the way you work™
  1. Weather Guard Bulkheads
    WEATHER GUARD® Bulkheads
    THE LAST LINE OF DEFENSE In an accident the bulkhead protects the cab & driver from loose objects • Exclusive polycarbonate windoew on all bulkheads for improved visibility and safety •reinforced steel end panels that fit more snugly for improved cab comfort • Exclusive Dog Hatch™ Door for storing long materials
  1. Weather Guard Shelving Systems
    WEATHER GUARD® Shelving Systems
    • Easy adjustability of shelves and dividers for quick customization • 16" shelves to fit large tool cases and boxes • Optional quick-release handles • Innovative Secure Storage door and drawer modules for extra theft-resistance • Super-sturdy steel construction with legendary WEATHER GUARD® durability
  1. Weather Guard Van Storage Accessories
    WEATHER GUARD® Van Storage Accessories
    Organizers and holders keep frequently used items in easy reach for maximum productivity • Tool Cabinets • Parts Bin Boxes • Locking Storage • Cab Command Centre SPECIALTY STORAGE SOLUTIONS: • Tool Drawer with Power Pass® Electrical Pass-Thru Grommet • Heavy-duty PACK RAT® Drawer Units • ITEMIZER® Drawer Units - Stackable & Adjustable BED RAT® Sliding Platforms for both side and rear door openings
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  1. Weather Guard Roof Racks for Vans
    WEATHER GUARD® Roof Racks for Vans
    Roof racks for every van type, from compacts to cubes, high-roofs and more • EZ-GLIDE® System for quick and easy ladder drop-down • QUICK CLAMP Aluminum racks for full-size or compact vans • All-Purpose Racks offer a number of mounting and accessory options